My current research focuses on establishing observational constraints on the origins of the chemical elements in the Galaxy and the Universe through spectroscopic analysis of low-metallicity stars. Below you can find an interactive plot with a few selected synthetic spectra for stars with different metallicities ([Fe/H] - upper panel) and different carbon abundances ([C/Fe] - lower panel). All the spectra have the same effective temperature (Teff = 5250K) and surface gravity (logg=2.5). More details soon!
Access the simple jupyter notebook with the code to generate this plot:


RPA intranet (password protected) / db snapshot (click here)

carbon evolutionary corrections

linelist generator

age-map of the milky way halo

Side projects

geographical and gender distribution of IAU members

experiments with random walk

Monte Carlo method - Estimating π

Monte Carlo method - Gaussian integration


Descriptive Astronomy - Summer 2019

Physics A Lab (Mechanics) - Fall 2019

Descriptive Astronomy - Spring 2020

Physics B Lab (Electricity and Magnetism) - Spring 2020


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